Friday, January 22, 2016

{Sample Haul 2015} Thank you EverydayMe!!!

A year ago, I wrote a blog post about how gaga I am when it comes to freebies, samples, and giveaways. It has been one of my simple joys amidst all the stress that I'm going through. And grateful as I am, I'm not going to let the year pass by without sharing my blessings with you featuring my "sample haul" from EverydayMe.

Just a quick introduction, EverydayMe is an online community by P&G where you could share and discover tips, inspiration, recipes, and advice. There are coupons given to newly registered members which give them a great deal of discount on selected products. Every now and then, contests are being held too where you can win 6-months to a year supply of P&G products. And the best amongst it all, the samples! You can get regular-sized product samples to try new products from them. 

2015 was indeed a great year for the whole community because of EverydayMe's generosity. In my case, I actually got at least 75% of the product samples they released last year, though I missed out products like AmbiPur, Gilette, and other Downy Parfum collection. Nevertheless, I'm glad for such opportunity of trying these products first before spending a great amount of money on them. Because I know I won't regret anything If I end up not liking the product at all.

So here are the EverydayMe samples from 2015. 

 Ariel Sunrise Fresh 700g and Downy Parfum Collection in Happiness

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle (in cooperation with Citi)

Safeguard Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap in Apple Bloom 225mL

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle

Whisper Cottony XX-Long

Pampers Baby-Dry in XXL

Downy Parfum Collection in Timeless

Safeguard For Men Sports Energy 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash Antibacterial 400mL

Olay Body Wash in Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extracts 200mL

And just before the coupons expired, I was able to buy Ariel and Downy and saved up to 50% of their regular price. So if you haven't joined the community yet, please feel free to register and enjoy their perks!

Ariel Sunrise Fresh 700g • Ariel Freshness of Downy Parfum 700g • Downy Antibac 900mL

Thank you so much EverydayMe and P&G! Looking forward to a wonderful 2016 with you!

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Jenna H. said...

Wow! Those samples all look amazing! I need to start checking this out! :)
-Jenna <3
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