Make Money Online: Earn through AFFILIATE MARKETING

One of the most wonderful earning opportunities I discovered online is Affiliate Marketing. And from the numbers of affiliate networks my most favorite of all is ShareASale. They have thousands of merchants working with them which include big companies like Reebok and Adidas! 

I listed some of my favorite merchants that I'm working with and categorized them so it would be easier for you to check according to your niche and liking. These merchants have great and reasonable commission scheme. They also have posting incentive programs for publishers to earn extra from blog posts aside from the commissions generated from leads and sales. Some of these also offer affiliate exclusive deals upon approval and even on a regular basis. 

Here are my top affiliate merchants, check them out and enjoy!

*** Please take note this post contains affiliate referral links, where I will receive a small commission from every approved blogger friends who signed up under my links. ***

Men & Women's Fashion


Kids Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

Arts & Crafts

Tech & Gadgets


Food & Drinks
  • Piquant (monthly subscription box)


To this date, I already earned $1,108.14 from them. And if you wish to start earning like me and be part of this affiliate network, just join ShareASale and discover affiliate programs that best fits you, your blog, and your readers. 

How will I get paid if I live outside the US? 

No worries! You'll get to receive your earnings via Payoneer. Just sign up here, wait for your card, and start receiving your ShareASale earnings.

In addition, Payoneer can also give you an earning opportunity through their referral program. You'll get to earn $25.00 for each friend you refer using your special referral link, as long as they receive their first $100 on their own Payoneer account. Easy peasy! I'll post about how Payoneer works, soon!

There you go, I wish I've been able to help you find another source of income. And please check this post every now and then for updates on new affiliate programs I joined.

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