Friday, November 15, 2013

Ceelin Plus For CL's Stronger Immune System

Even before I became a mother, I had been acquainted with Ceelin through my godson who stayed with us for 2 years. It was my task to buy supplies for him, and Ceelin has always been on the list. Time came that I had a child of my own, there were no second thoughts - I chose Ceelin right away.

This Vitamin-C really played a vital role in keeping CL’s immune system strong. With Ceelin's help, alongside the proper multi-vitamins she takes and the nutritious I prepare for her, I am assured that my daughter is 100% strong and healthy. Thankfully, with 2 years & 8 months of entrusting CL to Ceelin, she rarely gets flu, cough & colds, or any viral infections which are very common this season.

Since I trust Ceelin, I'm glad that I was chosen by Unilab to try this other variation of Ascorbic Acid - Ceelin Plus. This Apple-Flavored Vitamin C in syrup form is combined with Zinc to level up or boost the child’s immunity against sickness and graver diseases. This also comes in 60, 120, and 250ML bottle. Chewable tablet and oral drops are also available.

CL liked how Ceelin Plus tasted like apple, different from the usual orange-flavored, but she didn't mind it. In fact, she just loved Ceelin Plus as much as she do with Ceelin. I now have a newest addition to trusted brands for my daughter, indeed a mom and child’s best friend for a stronger immune system.

I do recommend Ceelin Plus to you my fellow moms, but of course you may consult your child's pediatrician first to give you proper information about this vitamin.

Thank you, Unilab, for this opportunity!

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