Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baby Proofing: Why Risk When You Can Make It Safe

Having an active toddler at home can be very stressful for first-time moms like me. However, no matter how cautious and careful we are when it comes to our child’s safety, still there are uneventful things happen to our wee ones.

Frightening as it sounds, some would just say it is “part of growing up”. But why would you risk your toddler’s safety if you could avoid all the dangers awaiting to happen, right?

When I was pregnant, hubby and I constantly talked about babyproofing our house. We wanted to make sure that our home will be a safe environment for our daughter. So, here are some of what we agreed to make our home safe for our daughter:

Bed on the floor – even before our daughter learned to crawl, we already placed our bed on the floor. It was because of an incident before that made us decide to do this. My godson, who was about 7-months old, was sleeping on my bed and fell down on the floor when he rolled over. That's the reason why we don’t want to take that chance to happen to our daughter too.

Puzzle floor mat – because we don’t want our daughter to have a serious head injury caused by a strong bump on the floor. Besides, it would be a great idea to design our room with these colorful mats that have alphabets and numbers in it. She'd definitely enjoy learning with those!

No glass cabinets – luckily, we don’t have that type of furniture in our house and neither do we plan to buy in the future. We don’t want a broken glass to cut our precious little daughter’s skin. And by the way, cabinets containing hazardous chemicals are locked properly.

Safety toddler gate – we have one installed a few feet away from our main door, and we’re glad we don’t have stairs here. Thanks to my Dad, he gave a toddler gate for her grand-daughter.

Socket covers – we have them too. It’s just great that most of the electrical sockets in our house are high enough for our toddler, but those within her reach had socket covers.

Along the way, as our child grows, we also realized that the need for safety also changes. At this moment, we just need to continue keeping our home safe. Apparently, our job as a parent doesn't just end by making their surrounding safe. It is also our responsibility to teach our little ones to know what is safe or not, how to take care of themselves, and how to stay away from hazard and danger.

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