Wednesday, March 28, 2018

5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Perfume For You

A perfume or scent is extremely personal and should be chosen with care. If you are shopping for a new perfume, here are five tips for choosing the perfect scent: 

1. Know Your Scent Family: Most perfumes fall into a group of scents often referred to as the scent family. There are five major scent families: woody, spicy, fruity, floral and citrus. While some scents can be a combination of these five, knowing your favorite families can help save you time during the selection process. 

2. Test Correctly: Always apply any scent that you are testing to your pulse points, just as you would with a typical perfume. It is also important to avoid overwhelming your sense of smell. Give yourself a break in between scents to help ensure that your sense of smell is not overworked. Most perfume stores will also have coffee beans behind the counter to help refresh your olfactory palate. 

3. Samples Are Your Friend: Don’t be afraid to ask for and try samples. You should ideally be able to wear a new scent for a few days before making your decision. 

4. Take Your Time: Most perfumes are a mixture of scents. The first scent you smell is called the first note and will eventually give way to the middle note or heart note, and even later, the base. Perfumes are complex which is why it is important to take your time to both enjoy the scent in its entirety when choosing the right scent for your preference. 

5. Consider Cost: Perfumes can be extremely expensive. Fortunately, you have the option of buying perfume replicas. You can start with a designer perfume you like and then see if there are replicas available. Most replicas will say “inspired by” followed by the designer’s name to help clients. 

Whether you prefer name brand perfume or wholesale fragrance, keeping these five tips in mind will help you find your next signature scent.

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