Thursday, September 21, 2017

Learn to Sew the Perfect Shirt with Creativebug

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Ever wonder how our favorite shirts are made? Have you ever wanted to make one for yourself?

When it comes to creating a handmade wardrobe, this super-simple shirt will be a go-to pattern, featuring a casual fit and a contrast bias facing that comes together quickly. Known for her pattern line "100 Acts of Sewing," Sonya Philip demonstrates how to make her famous Shirt No. 1 pattern, plus three new variations: a contrasting yoke, a kicky bias-cut bottom, and a sweet button-front version. This pattern is designed to be simple enough for an absolute beginner but with enough customization to keep an advanced sewist engaged.

Be part of Creativebug's  class and get a step-by-step expert instruction on sewing a basic shirt pattern and three ways you can customize it on its 8 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere.

Join and Learn the Wardrobe Basics with Sonya Philip at Creativebug NOW!

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