Friday, January 06, 2017

{Sample Haul 2016} Great Products from

Another year has ended and another year for great product samples from EverydayMe.

Here I am showcasing another "sample haul" that I got for the whole year of 2016. Inspired by my 2015 sample haul, here's what I've got from them.

Oral-B Ultra Thin Green Tea Toothbrush
This one has very soft bristles and doesn't hurt my gums. I'd stick to this and would totally forget regular toothbrushes.

Ariel Power Gel 4mL in Sunrise Fresh
One of the greatest discoveries so far. Ariel Power Gel is so powerful it really makes wonders on every laundry days. I've been using this product since then, especially for tough stains.

Downy Baby Gentle 27mL
This fabric conditioner is very mild and has a gentle smell. This is great for babies' clothes!

Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk
Probably one of my favorites from Olay. The bar smells so nice and I like how my skin became moisturized since using them.

Safeguard Ivory White Care
My daughter uses this soap for hand-wash, especially after playing outside.

Downy Antibac Fabric Conditioner
Oh, this Downy variant is my favorite, the fabric really becomes soft.

Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk
This is the second time they offered a sample for the same product from Olay. Got one for me and the hubby.

Joy Dishwashing Liquid in Lavender & Lemon 45mL
Who would've though Joy could come up with a very feminine-scented dishwashing soap?! You wouldn't even notice the smell came from Joy.

Thank you so much again for these, EverydayMe. Looking forward to more product samples to discover.

And if you want to join the fun, please feel free to join the community. Register HERE and enjoy their perks!

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