Friday, February 26, 2016

{FashionFriday} Spring Lightweight Scarves + FREE SHIPPING

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Everyone loves a good floral scarf and all these scarves are sure to be a favorite. These lightweight, infinity scarves will be the perfect companion as you stroll around on a sunny spring day. Wear it as a head scarf and you'll be throwing out old Hollywood vibes left and right.

Fashion Friday, 2/26/16, this week is Cents of Style's Spring Lightweight Scarves w/ the coupon code SCARVES2.

Shop here:
Spring Lightweight Scarves - 2 for $8.99! + FREE SHIPPING

The coupon code will drop the price of the first scarf to $7.99 and at checkout the second scarf will be offered for $.99.

Additionally, at checkout Cents of Style will be offering a floral scarf for $.99. **Please make sure all products are fully loaded so the pop-up appears for the second scarf**

Choose from these collection for the second scarf. (if this scarf runs out it will be replaced with a similar one)

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