Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get ready this Halloween!

It's the time of the year again! Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to dress up with your scariest costume and go and have some fun with your friends. And speaking of fun, we all know that almost all over the world had their way of celebrating Halloween. Most would have a costume party that would showcase different themes from horror to fantasy. Others, especially kids, would go Trick or Treat on their neighborhood. While some, would have a best Halloween designed house competition within the community. 

Amidst of the event that you're participating this coming Halloween, it is best to shop your costume and props as early as now to avoid the rush! And if you’re going to ask me where it is best to shop, then I would recommend SAMMYDRESS. Not only have they carried fashionable clothing for women but they also carry home & d├ęcor, kitchen, bed & bath, festive & party supplies, and more! So yes, you could definitely complete your Halloween get up from them.

Just like these, my favorites from SAMMYdress:

Anyone would definitely go crazy if they see this Halloween prop hanging out from your tree! Just like you see in horror movies, these would let a loud scream from those who would go Trick or Treat in your home. Oh, they do have limbs which you can lay around your garden!

Now here's something for those who want to be glamorous in Halloween. A perfect costume for those who will attend a Halloween Masquerade theme party. Not only that, they also have a simple yet elegant mask made of lace.

For the guys out there who doesn't have enough time to go preppin' up for the Halloween night, go get your black long-sleeves and black pants and wear this mask! No need to style up your hair too, because this plastic mask comes with hair!

And finally, if you don't want to go dress up and attend any event but still wants to have that Halloween vibe, take your old key chain for some rest and change it with cute skeleton and pumpkin designed key chain anywhere you go.

So there goes my list, go and check out SAMMYdress for your props, supplies, and costumes and get ready to rock your Halloween!

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