Sunday, August 16, 2015

ModCloth: Fall in Love with Layers

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ModCloth's all wrapped up in the latest fall look -- layers! Layering is more than just slipping on a sweater. It's about mixing and matching patterns, playing with silhouettes, and cozying up in a fresh autumn aesthetic. ModCloth has culled a gorgeous collection of jackets, tights, cardis, and eye-catching third-pieces, plus style staples to build your outfit upon. The outfit possibilities are endless -- what layered looks will YOU create? 

Here are my favorites:

1. South Florida Spree Top in Navy Dots
2. Every Opportunity Pants in Navy
3. Beach House Brunch Jacket in Southwestern
4. Bright and Baubly Necklace in Mustard
5. Visibility Oak Jacket in Charcoal
6. Kick and Choose Bootie in Tan

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