Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get a perfect glow without the sun!

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It may be spring, but not everyone looking out their window is seeing blooms, sunshine and milder weather. Still, there is a way to get you in a sunnier mood no matter whether you still seeing piles of snow in the driveway or you are just dreaming of a beach getaway.

It's Planet Beach's line of self tanners.

The pbGlow Sunless collection is specially formulated to deliver professional, flawless results leaving you in a golden state of sunless perfection. If you are looking to create the perfect glow or enhance your natural color, the pbGlow collection is perfect for you. Each product is designed to be used at home.

The head-to-toe collection gives you everything you need to prepare, apply and maintain that sun-kissed look that will help put you in a relaxed state-of-mind just like mini a beach vacation, without the risks of sun over exposure such as wrinkles, premature aging, and more. And, nothing makes you feel better and look better than having a healthy glow all over. It’s a confidence booster.

PREPARE - Exfoliator
Made of natural, fine-grained volcanic rocks, this exfoliator works to buff the skin, revealing the fresh and balanced texture underneath. This ensures a more even, longer-lasting bronze glow. The creamy formula conditions as it exfoliates, incorporating sunflower seed oil with aloe vera in a fresh sunny fragrance. Use pbGlow PREPARE prior to sunless lotion or spray products to encourage beautiful, even coverage.
Best results achieved with use of entire pbGlow sunless collection.

PRIMER - Color Maximizer
The extremely quick-dry gel formula allows dripless application and instant hydration to prime skin for darker color and accelerate your sunless color. Infused with proteins to balance skin function and provide longer lasting results, the unique combination of ginseng and gynostemma nourishes and protects your skin. Apply all over body and let it dry for 60 seconds.

PERFORM - Instant Sunless Lotion
This oil-free, lightweight gel-lotion glides over skin for a silky-smooth finish that increases DHA potency, which gradually develops a rich bronze color. The breakthrough fragrance technology eliminates odors at the source, replacing them with a fresh, sunny fragrance. Vitamins C and E protect and nourish skin for longer-lasting results.

PERFORM - Instant Sunless Spray
The ultra-fine mist provides superb even coverage for a rich bronze glow and the quick-dry formula ensures no streaks. The innovative packaging allows easy application from all angles and the fragrance technology is also applied here to eliminate odors at the source and replace them with a fresh, sunny fragrance.

PROLONG - Tan Extender with Bronzers
Drenching skin in a hydrating combination of aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil and sunflower seed oil, this product visibly improves skin tone and texture. The product’s original Bronzextend blend adds the perfect touch of DHA and Erythrulose to prolong radiant results. Great for extending your sunless results.

So, for now, skip the sand and get glowing at home. Shop Now!

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