Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast

Having a child in the family could be one of the most wonderful blessings a couple could get throughout their entire marriage. However, not all couples could conceive as fast as other couples do. 

I've personally known some friends who took 5-7 years before they had their own bundle of joy. Though, at our generation today there are studies and technology that would help couples to finally conceive.

There are several things that a couple trying to conceive can do in order to get pregnant fast. Number one should always be knowing when the woman ovulates. Most women ovulate midway through their cycle. If a woman has a regular 28-day cycle, she most probably ovulates around day 14. Some women have 29, 30 or 31-day cycles. To ensure she doesn't miss her ovulation, she can use an ovulation predictor kit beginning day 7 or 10 and continue testing until she gets a positive result. Another way is to make sure you and your partner are healthy. Eat fewer junk foods, drink less soda, eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. Getting enough sleep also helps improve fertility. Also, it is important that the couple at least gives it about 6 months to try to get pregnant on their own. Not all couples get pregnant on the first try. According to, half of all couples get pregnant within six months and 85% do so within a year. 

So keep the faith!


viviene @ thejourneyofawoman said...

We were married for 4 years before I got pregnant but it was by choice. In fact we wanted to wait another year before having a baby sana. But God gave us a little bundle of joy last September. Nothing could be better!

zoan said...

pabasa ko ni ni Honey Beyb :D hahaha