Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{Sample Room} On Becoming a VIP

I recently tried SampleRoom's VIP Membership. Just in case you're not familiar with SampleRoom, they're a very wonderful website that offers free sample products. Actually, I've been contemplating for a long time whether or not I'm going to avail it, as I was not sure if they're going to have brands that I'm going to like. But then, I finally gave in. Besides, it's been a while since I requested a sample from them.

So with only one slot left that day, I availed their VIP Membership for Php799 wherein I got a free VIP gift and 1000 additional points that I can use for 2-months. I was really excited that I have a thousand more points I could use, which means I can avail samples that costs higher points. 

Then today, I received a package from them which is my free VIP member gift. I got a Burt's Bees tote bag. I was feeling a bit sad because I anticipated on receiving some products, like the ones I saw from other VIP members. But then, the free gift was given in random. However, thinking about it, I started to love my free gift from them and was really thankful that it was a tote. Because it became my most reliable bag ever. The bag is spacious, I loved the color, and it's light weight because it's made of fabric.

Thank you, SampleRoom, for my gift! ♥

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