Thursday, January 29, 2015

{Sample Room} 5th Haul: Nivea, Vitress, and Himalaya Herbals

On to my 5th haul! I'm really glad that Sample Room has a lot of products available for sample, perfect for my VIP points.

I got this the same day with my 6th haul, I have to order my samples separately because each member are only allowed to get 3 products at a time. But since samples are selling hotcakes, I have to make 2 sample orders in 1 day.

Here's what I got for my 5th haul:

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose 16.7g (50 points)

2 samples of Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash 15ml (20 points)

Vitress Special Edition Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat 30ml (40 points)

I definitely love the Nivea Lip Butter, the scent is so yummy and it's a great product to moisturize my lips - perfect for today's weather! The facial wash is also great, it's very refreshing on skin. Vitress, on the other hand, has a very mild scent and I think it's just right since it's a hair product. I'm not a fan of hair cuticle coats though, it feels like I have oily hair after using it. 

As for the shipping fee, I paid Php100 for all 3 products.

There you go, if you want to try products for free before you buy, you can register at And I recommend you to try their VIP membership, it's totally worth it! 5th haul

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