Friday, September 05, 2014

TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition

TuneCore, the leading digital music distribution company, has a newest addition on their growing list of amazing artist services that will help every musician advance their career. Now, TuneCore's artist can easily promote their music on Social Media scene via Facebook.

Facebook Audio Recognition makes it easy for the artist's song to get shared around Facebook. How does it work?

  • Facebook user has the option to turn on the audio recognition feature.
  • He can use the phone’s microphone to hear what song is playing.
  • Audio recognition will search on TuneCore's list of songs where the artists submitted his song.
  • If the audio recognition finds a match, then Facebook users can choose to add the song to a post.
  • Song name, cover art and artist name will be included on a Facebook post.

For just a one-time fee and with tons of users online on Facebook, your music will reach millions of people worldwide! This is a good chance for you to promote your music and get recognized for your talent, and for sure, you will gain new fans!

Go and experience TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition now!

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