Friday, September 12, 2014 is Shutting Down

If you're from the Philippines and loves to earn money online, you might have heard of EarnMailer. This is where you earn money from your emails through placing their unique code on your signature which will generate ads according to your preference.

Sadly, just when I decided to redeem my little earnings from them, a little notice popped up right after I logged in on my EarnMailer account.

It seems that EarnMailer is shutting down on September 30, 2014. The users were reminded to claim whatever is left of their earning of at least Php 10 and above.

What I did, was I claimed my earnings via converting it to cellphone prepaid load. 

Here's what you got to do:

1. Go to your Account Summary, and click on CONVERT LOAD button.

 2. Enter your prepaid mobile number and the amount to be redeemed. Now this only works for Globe and Sun. For Smart prepaid subscriber, they have a different way for that. You have to send your request to using the same email address you used to register your EarnMailer account. I'm not sure though if the system will allow the process if you include the cents. (I should have included it! Oh, well!)


3. Confirm your prepaid load request. Make sure you double check the mobile number you entered before clicking on the YES button.

 4. You will get redirected to the Payment History page. This will show your payment transactions you've earned and claimed from EarnMailer.

5. Check your mobile phone if the load was already transferred. I didn't had a problem with this, because it only took a few seconds when I got the load after I confirmed the claim. :)

Now that I converted my earnings from EarnMailer. I decided to cancel my account from them. For you to do that:

• Just beside your profile picture, hover your mouse over the Manage Account button and click on Cancel Account.

• Confirm the cancellation of your account via clicking the YES, CANCEL IT button.

As easy as that, you no longer have an account with them.

Now, before anything else. DO NOT FORGET to remove the code on your email's signature. You can refer to their homepage for the instruction on how to remove the code on your Yahoo or Gmail account, just in case you forgot how to do it. *wink*

If you are an EarnMailer, please convert your earning as early as now. However, you can convert your earnings into prepaid load up until October 29, 2014.

Thank you EarnMailer for the opportunity! :)

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