Friday, September 05, 2014

{BloggerMail} pH Care® Gift Pack from Unilab

Yesterday, I received a wonderful gift pack for a product review from Unilab which is perfect for ladies and every mommy's personal hygiene. They sent me some pH Care® goodies! Actually, I didn't expect they'd include other pH Care® products because I was only expecting the bikini trimmer and shaver only. So, this really made me excited!

The pH Care® package includes:

• pH Care® Intimate Wash Cool Wind in 5mL sachet •
• pH Care® Feminine Wipes Cool Wind in 1 wipe sample pack •
• pH Care® Intimate Wash Cool Wind in a 30mL bottle •
• pH Care® Vzone® Bikini Shaver •
• pH Care® Vzone® Bikini Trimmer •
• Clear pouch and keychain •

Unilab is also kind to send me 2 packs of Digestics Probiotic Food Supplement ConstipAid 3-day trial pack.

Please do check my reviews on pH Care® Vzone® products which can be found  HERE, and you can also read my review on pH Care® Feminine Wipes HERE.

Thanks, Unilab for the awesome gift! ♥

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