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{Sample Room} 3rd Haul: Zen Zest, Hygienix, & Céleteque

I’ve been a subscriber of SampleRoom.ph since last year, and this is only my 3rd haul. Why? Because I don’t want to get products “just for the sake” of getting it. If ever I get samples from them, I made sure that I will definitely use it. 
Say, for example, my 1st haul, the Azzaro Perfume was used by my hubby while the Physiogel was used by me. My 2nd haul was for me too. Now, I had another haul because of the products they had in stock.
So there, I only paid Php100 for the shipping.
Here’s what I got:
1 50mL Zen Zest Cabinet Deodorizer = 20 points
1 30mL Céleteque Back Acne Spray = 35 points
1 20mL Hygienix Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray = 10 points
SampleRoom.ph uses point system; upon registration, you will get 100 points for you to use. If you’re not familiar with how it works, you can check the details here on how to earn points on your account.

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