Saturday, August 10, 2013

Got My Own HappyPlüs Card!

Are you a rewards point junkie, where you get to earn points from your purchases and have it exchanged for a reward depending on the corresponding points you have accumulated? If you have reward cards from a drugstore, bookstore, malls, restaurants, then you probably know what I'm talking about.

I became curious about HappyPlüs Card when we (me, hubby, &CL) visited Jollibee one time. As I know, it was a reward card. So I searched the net on how it actually works. When I fully understand the workaround of earning and using the points I was actually surprised that you could also use it for payment, I decided to get one. A wise decision, I must say. I know I'll have a good use of the card because CL loves her Jollibee so much! Who doesn't?! :)

And so last week, I finally had my HappyPlüs Card. *wink

Jollibee Foods Corporation, together with BPI, came up with HappyPlüs Card. It is a loyalty program that rewards members with points every time they made a purchase using the card at Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, and Red Ribbon.

Interested in getting one?

Here's how:

Just go to any cashier counter of any participating establishments and pay Php100 for a HappyPlüs Membership Kit. Fill out the Membership Application Form and return it to the cashier. You can now register your card online at, here you can track your transactions, updates on news and promos, and FAQs on how to use the card. The membership is good for 3 years and it is renewable for Php100 that can also be paid at any cashier counter.

How to use?

For you to be able to earn points, you have to use the card to pay for your purchase. But of course, you have to reload your card first by paying through the cashier of the food establishment. Remember, the card is good as cash. 

every Php50 purchase = earn 1 HappyPlüs point

1 HappyPlüs point = Php1.00 reward

But wait, there's more!

Aside from the HappyPlüs points, as a registered card holder, you too can earn raffle points every time you reload your card. Yes, RAFFLE points, which means YOU can win up to Php100,000 every month! Yay!

So, now you know the other reason why I got this card! Being a giveaway/raffle/promo lover, I couldn't resist. Will reload it soon so I can start earning Raffle Points. Who knows, I might be that lucky one!

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