Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nature's Miracle: Moringa-O2 Gift Pack

It's the month for our mothers and with all the Mother's Day contests around Facebook, I joined the one from Moringa O2. Luckily, my entry was picked among hundreds of comments who shared their thoughts about their mothers.

And yesterday, I finally got my Moringa-O2 gift pack from them! *happy dance*

Here's what's included:

Malunggay Herbal Soap 135g (you can read my short review here)
Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion 125ml
Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner 100ml

I love the prize I got from them, considering the fact that it's herbal there's no doubt that I'm not going to try these. And since the giveaway was all about our moms, I'm going to share these with her. However, since she doesn't use bar soap and toner I'll be giving her the lotion. I hope they'll come up with body wash, my mom's going to like it for sure!

One of the winners! Yay!

Here's my entry for "I love my Mom, because ________" question from Moringa-O2.

"I love my Mom because she gave me a chance to become a mother myself. She made me realize that a mother's love is indeed unconditional, as that is how I love my daughter. She taught me how to become a better mother through the way she took care of me when I was still her little girl. And for that, I am and will always be forever grateful to the Lord for having a mother like her."

Sweet! *blush*

Happy Mother's Day Ma! For me, every day is always your day. I love you! ♥

Thank you, Moringa-O2, will definitely share this with Mom!


zoan said...

WOW!!! CONGRATS GAW! so lucky ha! :)

Aine G. said...

Mas lucky ka kasi camera yung sayo! hehehe!

Send gifts Bangladesh said...

Great idea! Gift of nature.