Monday, December 27, 2010

Online Giveaways: My First Win Ever!

A few months ago, my cousin and I were talking about blogging. She recently created her own blog solely for joining giveaways - one entry is blogging about the giveaway, so the need for it. She already won countless of prizes from makeups down to PayPal cash. I was really amazed because I never thought this happens on the internet.

So she talked me about creating one for myself to start trying my luck and blog at the same time. And after I joined a few giveaways, I finally had my first win! Yay!

I won a $2 PayPal cash as a consolation prize from Pink Go Green's Christmas giveaway.

It was exciting and I love how it felt to win something!

And now that luck is favoring my side, I think I will join more giveaways. *grin*

Thank you so much Pink Go Green for the chance! Happy Holidays!

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