Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blurb Is Turning Your Blog Into a Book!

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A few years ago, I started to create a blog to write and share my thoughts and opinions. It has become my journal online and I really fell in love with blogging. It's pretty much the same as keeping a personal diary, but the difference is the absence of a pen and paper. And because of the overwhelming influence of the digital world today, I was thinking, it would be wonderful to have my writings printed and read them over again, flipping through the pages while having my tea time.

My blog turned into a book? That would be an awesome idea.

photo grabbed from Blurb.com

Thankfully, Blurb came up with their exciting and newest feature that bloggers would definitely love!

Blurb now has a BLOG IMPORT feature on BookWright, where you can turn your digital content into a beautiful book! This new feature accepts just about any blog building tool, including the most commonly used platform such as Blogger, Wordpress, and Squarespace, and pulls text and images directly into the tool.

You also have total control by converting blog pages into your own print-ready layouts with BookWright’s help. This brand new tool is a great opportunity to build your brand or create profit opportunities from content you already have by making a digital or print book.

Amazing, right?! I can't wait to try this out and have my blog finally printed and make it to my own book!

And if you want to learn more about BookWright, please visit here

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