Thursday, January 21, 2016

Get Your Best Hair Yet By Knowing Your Hair Type

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Knowing your hair type will help you better understand what kind of styling techniques, hair color, and hair care will work the best for your locks. Check out these guides from Madison Reed for expert tips to make the most of each:

How to figure out your hair type:
Leave it free of products and let it air dry next time you wash your hair. If it dries completely straight, you have straight hair. If there’s a natural wave but doesn’t curl up, you have wavy hair. Larger curls mean you have curly hair, while very tight curls signify coily hair. 

How to figure out your hair's texture and why it matters:
Many people don’t think of texture (a.k.a. thickness) as a separate factor from hair type, but it strongly affects how well your hair will hold styles and color. Here are the three main textures:

• Thick hair has the largest circumference and is slower to absorb color, which means that it usually requires more processing time. It can also be resistant to chemical treatments like perming and straightening.

• Medium hair is the middle-range of circumference, so it doesn’t have any special considerations for how much color to apply or adjustments to processing time.

• Fine hair will usually process quickly and lightens very easily. Because of that, it runs the risk of getting over-processed and is susceptible to damage from chemical treatments. Less is more if this is your texture.

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