{Bold and Full} Your Favorite Necklaces ONLY $11.99! + FREE Shipping
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{Bold and Full} Your Favorite Necklaces ONLY $11.99! + FREE Shipping

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Today’s Cents of Style Bold & Full Wednesday, they are listing their customer favorite necklaces for ONLY $11.99!

These necklaces are always a hit! They are the perfect addition to any outfit and scream personality! They are longer, with inspiration, fun, and attitude! Whether you are free spirited like a mermaid, an adventure lover, a dreamer, or practicing being present in the moment, we have the necklace that describes you and your vibe perfectly.

Actually, I Can Disc Tribe Necklace

If you are looking for a gift for yourself or for others Cents of Style got you covered!

Be The Good Disc Tribe Necklace

Shop Cents of Style‘s Charm & Disc Tribe Necklaces, here:
Customer Favorite Necklaces ONLY $11.99! + FREE Shipping

Valid: 08/01/18 until 08/04/18 at midnight


The code is BOLDCHARM and it makes the final price just $11.99 + FREE SHIPPING!

Be Here Now Charm Necklace


Be Still Disc Tribe Necklace



                        Expect Miracles Disc Tribe Necklace                                 Adventure Charm Necklace


Be Brave Charm Necklace


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No worries, you may check out the availability of these items at its regular price or you may want to look at Cents of Style‘s other collection. Enjoy Shopping!
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