Fall in Love with Layers

by - Sunday, August 16, 2015

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ModCloth's all wrapped up in the latest fall look -- layers! Layering is more than just slipping on a sweater. It's about mixing and matching patterns, playing with silhouettes, and cozying up in a fresh autumn aesthetic. ModCloth has culled a gorgeous collection of jackets, tights, cardis, and eye-catching third-pieces, plus style staples to build your outfit upon. The outfit possibilities are endless -- what layered looks will YOU create? 

Here are my favorites:

1 - South Florida Spree Top in Navy Dots
2 - Every Opportunity Pants in Navy
3 - Beach House Brunch Jacket in Southwestern
4 - Bright and Baubly Necklace in Mustard
5 - Visibility Oak Jacket in Charcoal
6 - Kick and Choose Bootie in Tan

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