GT: Weird and the Best Gift Ever!

Aside from stuffed toys, stationary, stickers, dresses that I received on my birthdays, the best gift would be coming from my dad. 

I was in college when he gave me weird gifts for my 3 consecutive birthdays. First, he gave me a remote control monster truck that looked like this 
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it was in color red. A pretty odd gift for a girl like me, but me and my dad loved playing it. He taught me tricks on using a remote control.

Then on my next birthday, he gave me a toy cockroach. I just can't find a similar picture, but it was a big toy, probably a size of a cap. It was battery operated that when you hit the back of the cockroach, it would run! He always knew that I hate cockroaches, I can still remember how I reacted when I opened the gift. LOL! And that night, I dreamt that there were cockroaches crawling on my body! So what happened with the gift? Me and dad decided to give it to our neighbor who likes playing with it. LOL!

The last one was an electronic organ, but not the expensive one. This is the type of organ where you can see on sidewalks along Pedro Gil, Divisoria, or Baclaran. Very cheap, I think it was about a thousand or two. Take note, I don't know how to use it! Though, he's the one playing for me. :)

See, my dad always gives me unusual and unexpected gifts even if it's not my birthday. He's the one who always bought me toys, from the cuddly teddy bears to the roller blades with a lot of safety padded gears. He never fails to make me feel like a child again. I guess, the thought of making me happy through simple and weird things is the best gift I've ever received on my birthday.

Happy GT!
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  1. Awww you're dad is so funny and sweet at the same time. Makes me miss my dad.

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  2. wooo!!1 your dad seems very cool and loving!!! weird nga yung toy cockroach diba?

  3. Aw.. our dad is so sweet.. namamatay na ko sa inggit..hahaha.. My father used to give me girly stuff for he was afraid of me being a tomboy since I am the only girl..sad that dad didn't live long. I only live with him in my 9th years of existence and that was not even continuous years for he is working abroad..

    Anyway Happy GT
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    I am your recent follower here.. yey!.. hope you can follow me too.. Thanks a lot..mwuah

  4. Now this post makes me miss my dad. Mine is here Anne’s Sweet Life

  5. wahhhhh TITO JUN is the man ahahaha:D

    thanks for the visit gaw

  6. Your dad sounds like a really cool dad :)

  7. wow! your dad is such a cool and sweet dad. mukhang talagang pinagiisipan ang gifts sayo.

  8. what a sweet dad! :D really cool gifts too@

  9. So sweet of your dad. Parang ayaw nya yata ikaw tumanda, hahah!

    Anyway, here's returning the favor for coming to visit my last week's GT entry. Enjoy the rest of the week, sis. :)

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  10. that is sooo nice! my dad wasn't the best father in the world (he and my mom split up when i was in high school) and i never experienced what your father does for you even once. it's nice to know there are still great dads out there :)

  11. oopsie! i commented using my other Google account. This was what I was supposed to use :P


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