GT: Best Birthday So Far

I'm so proud, I got to complete a whole month of GT! Woot! And to finish off the Birthday topic this month, we'll be talking about the best birthday we ever had in our entire existence.

Well, I haven't really had the best birthday yet, if we're talking about big parties, confetti's and fireworks. LOL! But for me, nothing beats a birthday celebrated with friends and family. As long as there is a cake and ice cream!  ☺

I guess, the one that will be on top of my list was my birthday in Cebu Doctors Hospital. My grandma was staying there for almost a month, and most of my relatives were there to be with her, including me and my mom of course. I know it doesn't sound good, but that's where I had my 24th birthday. Why is it the best? Well, living in Manila means being away from relatives, so I only got to spend my birthdays with my mom, dad, & close friends. Now being with my grandma & relatives for the FIRST time was unforgettable! We had dinner inside the hospital room, there were balloons, cakes, ice cream, salad, and the yummy bbqs from Larsian.

Plus, grandma was getting better too so it's kind of a double celebration. 

Would my birthday next month put this celebration second on my list? Hmmmmmm.. Let's see! 

Happy GT!

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  1. Oh yeah, that sounded like an awesome celebration indeed! :) Balloons, ice cream, and a cake are what defines my birthday, too, pero pang-kids nalang ata yan eh. LOL.

    For me, TURNING 28 ON THE 28th happens once in my life only, and so it was my best birthday ever! :)

  2. And I'm sure your birthday party made your Grandma happy too!

    The Twerp and I

  3. Same here! A family for me is always the best all-time gift one could ever have.

    My GT entry is up here:

  4. being with family, on your bday, is priceless. here's my entry

  5. aww.. birthdays spent with the family really are the best type of celebration there is!

    i bet your grandma was pleased that most of the fam was there, too ^^


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