GT: In the Name of Love

Wow! Congrats to Beauty Queen Gene for the new badge that is soooo cute! 

Today is the last day of the love month and as for the last topic of Girls Talk and the only one that I've answered for the month of February, I'll be sharing with you the things that I'm willing to do for LOVE.

Me and my hubby we're "in a relationship" for 6 years before we got married last year. I can say that I've almost done everything for him back then. Just name it, that's how much I love him.

Now that we're married, I'll be spending the rest of my life with him. For sure, from organizing his things, to preparing his food (he's the one who almost does this), to do the laundry and ironing his clothes (which is my most hated chore), massage his back until it doesn't hurt anymore, there will be more things that I'm willing and still do for my hubby. 

After all the trials that we've had before, I know that we will still have it coming, I'm willing to be there and be strong for him and for our family until everything's going to be okay.

I'm willing to extend my patience for him, understand and support him more. I'll keep on assuring him that he's doing good with what he does.

I'm willing to take care of him for the rest of my life, as long as he's going to listen to me about being healthy and all. *wink*

I don't cook but I'm willing to learn and discover new recipes to prepare him his 'baon' (lunch).

I'm willing to bear the pain of giving birth to his future children to have a one big happy family. (I think 4 is enough, hehehe!)

You can't really enumerate everything, right?! Because all these things that you're going to do for your other half is purely out of unconditional love. I guess, all I can say is that I'm willing to love him more, until we grow old. ♥
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  1. nice to think we gonna love our partners until our hairs turn gray. diba merong kanta si sharon nyan.

    "kahit maputi na ang buhok mo"

    someday ill meet my someone that will last with me until my hair turns gray.

    it's my first time at GT, mommy!


  2. love it! our love for our husband and kids is really boundless :)

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  4. sounds like a lot of hard work, jokes! hahaha.....

    i'm sure your hubby appreciates all that you do for him :-)

    happy GT!

  5. talaga lang ha? hmmm sasabihin ko kay kuya itong blog mo at nang pag mag away kayo eh, may pang dipensa dail hindi mo inintindi :D nyahahahaha

    alam ko, na visit mo na ito:

    wala lang, pang link lang.LOL

  6. a lot things that we are so much willing to do for the sake of our love one. I appreciate it, cheers to those who are in love..

  7. anything for the love of our life :)

    Have a great weekend girl, here's my entry hope you'd check it out

    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  8. wow! that's a lot! but i like that part that you are willing to take care of him. so noble...

  9. ...hay..inggit na naman mga ganitong kwento isang dakilang inggitera na lamang ako..heheheh

    Happy late GT!
    Mine is up..
    My GT Entry

  10. i couldn't agree more! we can and will be able to do anything for the one we love. and i'm sure your husband is willing to do just the same for you :)


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