GT: Fun, Fun, and Fun!!!

I’ve been out of GT for 2 weeks, I've been very busy and was already stressed out. So I have to relax and clear my mind first before blogging again. By the way, thanks for those who dropped by and for the comments also. Sorry, I wasn't able to check other GTs. But will surely do now! Anyway, I’ll be fitting all three topics today. Happy Girls Talk!!!

Everywhere can be a fun place to go, as simple as going to the mall or going on a tour is really enjoying for all of us. What matters is how you will make the most out of it and as long as the people you’re with are not KJs. For me the fun places that I went to are:

·         Manila Ocean Park – Big fish amazes me.
·         Enchanted Kingdom & Star City – Felt like a kid again! J Oh! I still remember Payanig sa Pasig with giant slide!
·         Swimming Pools – Honestly, I don’t know how to swim but I enjoy being in the water. I know it’s not too late to take some lessons. LOL!
·         Bohol – My mom’s hometown, I’ve toured around for the nth time, but still enjoying every minute of it. Then after the tour, go straight to Panglao Island - the sand, the sun, the water, and the food! J
·         Nature Trip in Bukidnon – nothing beats God’s creation.

And the list goes on. And will be adding more when the baby comes out. Now that’s priceless! J

Now after all those fun stuffs, it’s time to relax. The best place is still in the comfort of your home. I unwind in my room, that’s my sanctuary. I open the windows to have a great view of the sky, and then play my mp3s. Very peaceful!

Talking about US time, me and hubby go to our favorite mall, Robinsons Place Ermita, just a very typical date. What I like most about it is, we love to eat and we both like watching movies in the big screen with a bucket of cheese flavored popcorn! J
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  1. OMG! I think we kind of live near each other. hahaha! I'm guilty of the same thing, filling 2 or more GT themes in 1 post, hahaha! Hope you've found a good way to destress. See you next week!

    Here's mine:

    Happy New Year!

  2. as they say, it's not where you are but who you're with. the most fun i have is spent with people i love, regardless of where we are!


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