GT: Best Place to Eat Out

Cool topics for December on Girls Talk. Of course, what do you do after you shop? EAT! EAT! and EAT!!!

When it comes to eating out, I really don't have a favorite place to dine. It depends on the food that I tasted from them that would make me come back there. 

Here are my list who satisfied my taste buds: Pancake House, North Park, Teriyaki Boy, Tempura Japanese Grill, Dencio's, Kalye Juan, Pizza Hut, Greenwich, Army Navy, Aristocrat. Moon Cafe, Tagala's Chicken, Larsian, forgot the other places but these are all located in Cebu. K1 in Davao for their Chimichanga, for some reason the taste is different in K1 Cebu. And the list goes on.. I just can't remember them all. :)

Now I'm hungry! Hahaha!
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  1. hmmm.. wish i could eat there someday, lol!

  2. I've eaten at all the restos you listed except for Kalye Juan, Greenwich (yes, would you believe?!), Army Navy, Moon Cafe, Tagala's, Larsian and K1.

    You are such a foodie! :-)

  3. teriyaki boy is the go-to place if we want to satisfy our craving for japanese food! :)


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