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I don't really "hang-out"  the home and housewares section. But when I need to buy something, that's when I adore all those items. I spend my time checking the shiny spoon and forks, the elegant dinnerware, the expensive pots and pans. It's like a dream, wishing I have my own house with a big kitchen for them to call home.

Well, enough of that already! If I can recall, these are the list that I have already bought on this section:
  • Glass - I always love buying this for my self. I like the big ones.
  • Disposable containers - I use this not only for foods, but also on my personal stuff. J
  • Cheese Grater - bought this recently, but I wasn't able to use it. I picked the wrong kind.
  • Spoon and Fork organizer - replaced the old one.
  • Small Frying Pan - I love using this when I cook only for myself. Good for hotdog, tocino, bacon, etc. 
  • Measuring cup and spoon - I use this when I'm making Leche Flan.
  • Chopping Board - I have my own. J
  • Bread Knife - until now, I still haven't used it.
  • Thong - for cooking of course! LOL!

I think that would be all. But once I got my own house, I'd like to have a Japanese style dinnerware, minus the chopsticks. LOL! J

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  1. haha. nice din with chopstick sis. :) mapipilitan ka nga lang to buy japanese rice pra super sticky the rice and chopstick would be of use talaga. hehe.

    nice idea nga. maybe next year will buy japanese style dinnerware naman. :)

  2. I found some japanese plates and laddles in garage sales. Some of them are not dishwasher safe, so I try to minimize buying them. But your set is so cool and elegant. I like it.

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  3. i love glasses too (and mugs actually)especially the fancy give aways from companies, lol!

  4. japanese dnnerware are just lovely!btw, am your newest follower:)


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