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This will be my first post for Girls Talk as the November topic caught my interest. Who hates shopping anyway?! J

There’s a lot on my list when we talk about items that I usually get from the health and beauty section. These are what me and my hubby uses - toilet papers, cotton, cotton buds, toothpaste, mouthwash, baby oil, and Likas soap.

When it comes to my personal use, these are Rejoice Long, Cream Silk (pink), Olay soap, Olay moisturizer, PH Care, sanitary napkin, and Johnson’s baby Milk bath. I don’t buy lotion, Victoria’s Secret cologne, and make ups as they’re always given to me by aunts and cousins. As for my husband’s supply, Clear shampoo, Master Eskinol, Gatsby hair wax, PanOxyl soap, and razor blades.

But there’s one thing I really enjoy, it’s NAIL POLISH! I always get to buy one. What can I do? It makes my nails happy! J

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  1. Ha? Gatsby hair? parang pang-lalake ata yan sis. I don't use nail polish a lot. Wala ako nyan.

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  2. maka OLAY ka talaga gaw :) katulad ni mama, ako nanghihingi lang din :D tsaka hello, thankful tlaga tayo sa nagbibigay noh? ehehehe

  3. Hi Mel! It's for my hubby.. but i do sometimes use it, pag matigas ulo ng hair ko. :p

    True yan gaw, thankful tayo kasi we have pasalubongs from relatives. hehehe!

  4. Gatsby...makes me remember the Great Gatsby. Victoria Secret brands are always given by relatives abroad. :)

  5. oh yeah! three cheers for OLAY users! i alternate with DOVE by the way, lol!

  6. - The-Working-Woman
    Victoria's Secret seems to be a popular pasalubong! :)

    - simply kim
    I'm a DOVE user before I switched to olay. :D

  7. you're lucky because you have relatives who give you some of your beauty supply. i rarely get pasalubong because my relatives rarely go home or send balikbayan boxes. hehehe

    welcome to GT!


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