GT: Accessories and Apparel Section

This will be the last topic for November. Too bad I wasn’t able to complete all the topics for this month.

Anyways, I’m sure that all the girls here LOVES shopping! Nobody can stop us when it comes to clothes and accessories.

I usually buy jeans – skinny jeans to be specific. I’m not into some “branded” type of clothes, I would rather go to “tiangges” to shop. You can only expect me to shop from them if it is on sale, which means 30-70% discount, but it still depends on the discounted price. LOL! I do love going to “ukay-ukays” too, it’s really cheap. But you must look out the quality of the clothes that you’re buying, ‘cause sometimes after washing them, you’ll see a lot of small holes in it.

For the accessories, there’s only one thing that I want, it’s SILVER. I do wear girly earrings & necklace, but it really depends on my mood. But don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate those types of accessories, I even make one, it’s just that silver accessories fit my personality well. J

Happy GT!
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  1. Nice to know you are making your own jewelries as well sis.

    My Girls talk post

  2. yeah, one thing you have to look out for when buying in ukay ukay is the rips and holes. otherwise it'll end up as house dress or rug. hee hee


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